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Summer Is Here!
15630 MIDDLEBELT, LIVONIA     734-513-7080
Steve Fishman and Eduardo
Pagan on location inside
Cameron's Music while taping
"The Motown Bottom Line"
episode of the PBS show
Check out the whole
episode right here:
The Motown
Bottom Line on PBS

We were fortunate to be asked to
appraise a vintage trombone for
Cash & Cari show and
appear on their season premiere
this past summer! Check out the
episode here:
HGTV's Cash & Cari
Cameron's Music: Metro Detroit's Source

Musical Instruments, Music Lessons, Repairs, and Rentals

Learn, practice, listen to and enjoy
everything musical at one of the
Motor City’s great music hubs.  
Cameron’s Music shapes new
talent with private and group
music lessons in Metro Detroit,
Michigan, and resurrects the spirit
of the city with great artists,
instruments and an always iconic

We bring together the fun,
energetic experience of music
with talent and expertise to usher
in a new generation of artists and
enthusiasts.  We teach students
of all ages to master their own
musical art and assist musicians
with all the needs of their favorite
instruments.  Our skilled staff
helps emerging artists develop
their skills with a professional,
conservatory approach to
teaching spliced with a fun,
engaging experience.  We also
help beginners and experts
choose and maintain instruments
with a diverse, affordable
selection and expert, professional
repair work conducted on-site.  
We offer a variety of lessons such
as piano, guitar, strings,
woodwinds, drums and voice.

For expert instrument repair,
selection and lessons for you or
your children, contact us today or
visit our shop in Metro Detroit, MI.  
Didn't seem like we'd ever emerge from that winter but summer is definitely here now! Early
summer is the perfect time to get your instruments in to the shop before band camp signals
back-to-school time. It's also a great time to invest in some private lessons to keep your
technique up to speed. Come help us make this a summer of music!